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Seat Cover Installation

1. Remove old seat cover, by removing all staples.

2. Pull the front end of new seat cover over the front end of the now bare seat.

3. Do the same for the rear of the seat; ensuring logo badge is centred and straight.

4. Using a staple gun, punch a few staples underneath front & back of the seat cover, ensuring the cover is pulled tightly while doing so.

5. Pull the left & right sides down tight and staple them down, again ensuring the seat cover is sitting tight to the seat.

6. Continue around the underneath edge of the seat, punching staples at consecutive 3-5cm intervals.

7. Check to ensure the seat cover is positioned as desired, before returning to add another run of staples, at much tighter intervals. Once complete, staples should be installed almost end to end, to ensure a strong hold.

8. Trim any excess material as desired.

For a more extensive install explanation, there are many third-party walk through tutorials available online.